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Default Preventing connections to sites.

I'm using the 2 Beta version for the first time after using the old version for several years and I'm having trouble trying to make some things work.

First I would like to know if there is a way to completely prevent JDownloader from connecting to a specific site when copying a URL to clipboard. Putting the site in the Linkgrabber filter only prevents jDownloader from picking any links contained within the URL, the program still connects to the URL in clipboard and crawls the page.
To my knowledge, this didn't happen in the old jDownloader, if for example I put something like .*?youtube.*? in the filter, the old program never tried to even connect to youtube when copying youtube URLs to clipboard.

Second, I'd like know if there is a way to stop the linkgrabber from connecting to and crawling the current URL in my web browser every time I try to copy to clipboard a non-URL plain text contained in the current page I'm browsing. For example, when I'm watching a video on Youtube, and then highlight, right click and copy a single word from within the comments section, jDownloader will automatically connect to the video page and crawl it for links.

How can I prevent these?

Thanks in advance.
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