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I don't get it either. I've got the G15 V2 (see the above screen in Version 1). Got that updater and install it with 32 bit and then it says with ini file done. When looking at the settings of Logitech where you can see what applets are running it is not shown. As well as when I click on the button to switch between applets. Did enable Remote Control. But doesn't work for now. I think it will work but maybe i'm such dumb or you have to explain it a bit more specific for me.

Thanks anyways and looks great! (Now I want to use it)


Never mind got it work, If I tell you this story you won't believe it haha but I will tell you my desktop is with fences and stuff like that modded and got a clock gadget from windows 7. The problem was that 2 files were behind that Windows 7 clock. And in the update folder I launched the icon and now it works. Will check it out.

Thanks again

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