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Hi, there is some things in JD mobile app that i would like to feed back..

- The menu to set direct connection on settings has white font color, and it's very difficult to read
- When i have slow connection (almost all day) i get a lot of notifications to solve captcha at same time for just 1 link. And the captcha lasts forever to load, then i got messages like "4 captchas for JD", "captcha already solved or timed out" and the captcha never loads, and finally got the download ommited.
- An option to load the captcha automatically and notify only when loaded would be nice. In very slow connections, you have to wait a lot of time with the phone in hand.
- It's necessary a button to reconnect the client from mobile. As you can always set up reconnection when all hosts are in waiting time, sometimes is needed to reconnect because the low speed in the network. A button for restart JD would be nice too.

That's all for the moment. I'll try to use the web interface too, i just read that using http instead of https allows the web interface to load in chrome. I had problems with that in my work behind a proxy, because the "very smart" sysadmin locked the access to google analytics. I'll write back.

By the way, nice job with this app... It's a necessary tool in phone.

Thanks!! :D
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