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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@JR_ did your computer go into standby?
When it is slow again, please provide a logfile. Menu -> Help -> Create log and give logID
No, my computer didn't go into standby.
Today i was using the Web Interface for only a little over an hour and now it is not as slow as the last days where i have been using the Web Interface for 6-7 hours. It's still a little slower than usually, so i provide you with a log nonetheless.

And today the Web Interface had some problems with giving me the captchas to solve. I got the browser notifications, that a new captcha is waiting and below the download list it showed me the red symbol that a captcha is pending, but it never showed me the captcha to solve. i have mostly share-online and uploaded links and for those i didnt get the captchas, but for the few links it showed me the captchas and i could solve them.

here is the log, i hope it helps, maybe even for both problems
05.05.15 19.09.18to06.05.15 18.58.51 jdlog://7075409980341/

A little side note to the log creation process, maybe you could make the Textbox, in which you show the log id, read-only, because i accidentally have overwritten the id the first time?

Greetings, JR

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