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Default File is temporarily not available [rapidgator]

Trying to download a file with a premium account. Halfway through it stopped and said an error occurred. I expanded to the left of the file name to see the .rar file and its status was: file not found. After some searching, I exited my torrent program, added a firewall exception, set the max chunks/simultaneous both to 1 and turned on "Disable API for premium downloads" and experimental forced SSL under plugins.

Now it says file is temporarily not available and cycles through 30m ETA's. After the first 30m was up I tried resetting the file. Now I'm at 0% and stuck in a 30m ETA cycle haha. Is this a Rapidgator issue?

20.05.18 12.45.43 <--> 20.05.18 14.57.26 jdlog://7075854433151/

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