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Default Losing all my tabs because jD 2 keeps opening and closing browser while idle

This happened to me twice now and it's very frustrating.

Basically, what happens is this: I close my browser and plan to come back to it later and restore my session.

While I'm away, even with a black display in standby mode, jd2 repeatedly opens and closes the browser for the captcha. Result: All my tabs are gone.

Now, I know I can activate the "silent mode", but sometimes I just forget.

Please, please, add an option to prevent the browser window from closing again if the captcha window is the only tab. My browser will then still be able to restore the last session.

Or even better, to not open the captcha unless the browser is already open.

I know this might not be ideal for most, hence it would be nice if it was simply an option I can set.

I usually have many tabs open with many ideas/topics I am pursuing and it's very very frustrating to me to lose them.
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