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I dont want to create crawler rules, I want to create packagizer rules to set specific package and folder names for the downloaded albums.
I have already created a rule for the url pattern **External links are only visible to Support Staff**

SourceUrl Contains www\.artstation\.com/(?!artwork)(.+) regex enabled
Download Dir C:\Artstation\<jd:source:1>\<jd:packagename>\
Package Name <jd:source:1><jd:orgpackagename>

this rule works fine, it creates the albums folders with the names I need.
But now I discovered that artstation also comes with this url pattern:

If I try to download this url , while the above rule is enabled, I get a complete mess in the linkgrabber, instead of separated albums/packages, i get separated images with their own package names which is a very long name.

So my approach is to keep the one working rule for the url pattern **External links are only visible to Support Staff**www.artstation/NAME and create a new rule for the url pattern But I cant accomplish this because the negative lookahead doesnt work at all (?!www), it always matches both urls with or without www.

And I am stuck there now.
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