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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I'm sorry but JDownloader is heavily multithreaded so there is no way to keep input order same as output order.

Why does the order matter? What exactly do you want to achieve? Can you give examples? then we can try to help

I have a question about that, then.

When I add links they auto-sort alphabetically in the package (which I can't stand either) BUT if I link-grab 2 links, then manually switch the order of those, then every subsequent link I add in the same package will be sorted by when I add them.

If mulithreading makes it impossible, why does it then work that way?

The reason it's annoying is that I often have to rename links that have too generic of names, like "file.rar" or "". I dump all single links into a "Various" package to save screen space, then rename them. I don't like to have to hunt through the list to find wherever the file landed to rename it, having it nicely at the bottom each time is useful.
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