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drbits claims to be a specialist but he isn't around at the moment. Maybe you can find his recommendations in the sticky posts of the forum. I've tried several of his recommendations (they changed often) in the past but none of them worked to my satisfaction (although I'm running the same OS version). I've given up trying them as they caused more harm than anything else. The last one I tried was M$'s solution but that just damaged a working program by removing a so called highly critical and dangerous virus. Of course, it had to be a false positive. I wasted a lot of time re-installing the damaged program.

I've always used a safe browser without installing any extensions and disabled scripting as much as possible. I also know which types of websites and files can be dangerous.
I know that Linux is a lot safer as well because of a much better design, but until my computer dies I guess I'll still be chained to the rubbish OS from Redmond. When I select new software it must be able to run on Linux. It'll make the transition easier.
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