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Originally Posted by Sturmination View Post
For what exactally would you like an rss feed? As a way to export the download/linkgrabber list?
i always wanted to use rss feeds to automate downloads.nagged quite excessively actually.Just basic scrape links from feeds and add it to linkgrabber actually.

Someone will possibly say there was a plugin called jdfeedme in the past but it stopped developing so they removed it from the nightly.

I have been using jd for years now .Had a kind of love/hate relationship with it.
New jd 2 brings lots of new changes adds lots of good features like packagizer and deeplink analysis.

my jdownloader is a good feature and adds lots of sweet possiblities to the software.
Since its something that is on a server (i beleive) and a little bit free from the jd (more like a service) it should have a little bit of wiggle room for this.

i know its complicated and you have limited manpower but its just wishfull thinkin.

(And it shouldnt be that complicated.I can manually copy feeds web adress make a deep link analyse and viola there it is...the links i want (basicly filtering filehosts and filetypes).It needs either feeds adress or the page it redirects to.But i can do it only manually)

if this feature would be added to jdownloader i beleive webmasters could turn their feeds into a moar compatible to work with jd since it would be symbiotic more downloads more money.

its been cut short/declined many times before but this would be a major feature and may take jdownloader to a new level.just compare the number of users that utorrent or vuze have right now and jd has.i heard pyload (another jd influenced filehost downloader,very lightweight but missing so many features yet this) could make rss feeds added working conjunction with a program called flexget (not flashget the download manager not flashgot the plugin ,flexget a program mainly used with utorrent to add subsriptions and automate downloads).Again pyload is a similar program to jdownloader.

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And why asked here? well if this is somehow free from jdownloaders core fuctions and does not needs recreating anything from the scratch just to add this feature ,its better this way.

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