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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
plugins do not have data in that fashion.
they are just methods to perform tasks.

what you're trying todo is more complicated than you realise. How are you going to measure this, one could assume it should be done at the ces provider level then set a global stop mark and when loads reduce, remove said stopmark.
Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
What exactly do you mean by *captcha solver queue* is high?
captcha solver queue max contains number of concurrent downloads + linkcrawler tasks.
so while downloading it can max contain 20 jobs....
Hi, what i mean is to access the 9kw plugin data. I see that when enabled i have an icon in left bottom that tells me captcha queue, credits, and other info related to my 9kw account. I would like to know if i can invoke some function that can help me get that info in a script so i can set a stopmark when the 9kw captcha queue is too high.

Thanks raztoki and Jiaz!!

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