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Default How to build an interactive script?


with the new trigger-functionality now we can start a script on button-press.
Very, very nice.
With this scenario I want to build an interactive script with an datetime-picker at script start.
For instance:
1. button pressed in JD-menu launches the script.
2. the script should launch a dialog box with a datetime-picker (at best there would be a cancel-button).
3. after input the script then processes the value ... (or abortes on cancel-button).

Now my question:
How to render the picker, because we have no html-canvas onto we can render the UI-elements (form, etc)?
(The only GUI-canvas I see is the alert-popup, but can it blown up to a multifunctional UI-element?)

Thx for reading this.
A lot more thanks for a reply.
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