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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
// Add metadata to image file, using external program
// Trigger: "A Download Stopped"
// External program required: ExifTool by Phil Harvey (
// IMPORTANT: Remove any command line parameters included in the executable. For e.g. in Windows OS, rename 'exiftool(-k).exe' to 'exiftool.exe'

if (link.isFinished()) {
    var filePath = link.getDownloadPath();
    var ext = getPath(filePath).getExtension();
    var supported = ["jpg", "tiff"]; // <- Specify supported file types.

    if (supported.indexOf(ext) > -1) {
        var comment = link.getComment();

        if (comment) {
            var exiftool = "c:/portable/exiftool/exiftool.exe"; // <- Set full path to "exiftool.exe"
            var tagName = "comment"; // <- For the comment to be visible in the OS file properties viewer, use OS compatible tag name.
            comment = comment.replace(/"/g, "'");
            callAsync(function() {}, exiftool, "-overwrite_original", "-" + tagName + "=" + comment, filePath);
I've tried, but seems it doesn't work for me. It simply doesn't save the comments. I've already changed the tag name in "system.comment" and "Comentarios" (my OS is in spanish) and still not working.
What I'm doing wrong?
Sorry for the questions.
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