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Hi Jiaz,

My setup of JDownloader:

General Setup / Download Management:
- max. simultaneous downloads: 6.
- max. simultaneous downloads per host: 1.
- max. chunks per download: 1.
- remove finished downloads: never.
- if the file already exists: ask for each file.

Memory used by JDownlader (about JDownloader dialog):

Java: Oracle Corporation - 1.8.0_31 (298.33 MB/396.50 MB/910.50 MB)

For practical reasons I had turned off automatic link checking by LinkCollector in the Advanced Settings section for these links.

I hope these are the data you asked for.

I didn't know JDownloader could automatically remove links immediately after downloading. Is that what is meant with "remove finished downloads" in the General Setup / Download Management section?

Thanks for addressing my post.
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