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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Does it every time or just after a restart of JDownloader.
The captcha comes from cloudflare because it rates your IP as bad and wants to confirm (via captcha) that it is legit.
I'm on a VPN, although that wasn't much of an issue before. It's only lately that this has been happening.

It's happening just after I turn my machine on and I restart JDownloader because I don't leave my machine on all the time. I start to download, a captcha appears and I enter it. That should be it, so I walk away and let it do it's downloads thinking that's the only one I have to enter.

I come back about 2 hours later and I see Firefox has opened about 10 tabs trying to have me enter another captcha which prevents the next .rar from downloading. JDownloader also has a pop-up in the middle of my screen waiting for me to answer. I can't be sitting at the machine all day waiting for these things to pop up.

Did you look at my rules for Nitroflare? Are they correct?

Normally this check is remembered by JDownloader so you should only have to enter the cloudflare captcha once after a restart.
Well that's not happening. I guess it's not saving those cloudflare cookies while JDownloader is running. How do we fix this?
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