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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
vpn might not be required as majority requests are over ssl already (except the last data download)
So the download would already be hidden from the ISP through the use of SSL? Is that what you're saying? The VPN is redundant?

we don't give options to clear, once stored they stay there until invalid.
No, but I can create a custom path in CCleaner and point it to where the Cloudfare cookies are stored and clean it out every so often.

constant loop implies to me that its caused by your VPN IP/provider. Its not meant to happen more than once. Its to determine that you're a human.
No, it's actually caused by Cloudfare as you said. My VPN doesn't cause me any other problems.

doesn't consume memory, task is finished, memory is cleaned up automatically by garbage collection.
But the task isn't finished. Not if I'm not there to answer the captcha. And yes, opening those dozens of Firefox tabs contribute to memory buildup. A lot of memory buildup.

we are using there web mode at this time, as API gets more captchas than webmode. You can enable API mode also in plugin settings for nitroflare.
Sounds like the difference between bad and worse. I'd still get the captchas no matter what.

I don't see this as attitude, just you have very poor understanding of basic concepts of how things work.
Well you've made the program so complicated, what else would you expect?

Think of it as, instead of a reliable Chevrolet, you've turned it into a BMW that needs to be fine-tuned all the time. There are literally hundreds of settings in menus and sub-menus that aren't very intuitive to a lot of people. Mostly for features that I would never use. Just saying...

Your forum is filled with stuff like this besides mine. I don't ever remember having as many issues with the original JDownloader as I do with this one, that's for sure. And with as many updates as you all do, things are bound to get broken.

I'm not really complaining about it. It's just an observation, that's all. And I'm willing to work through it and try and set it right, which is why I'm here.

Even in JD interface or this forum. I can see it in most of your posts, but I still respond like normal =] and try todo so without sounding condescending.
I understand that and I appreciate your help, anyway.
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