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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
but warned that the last request (for the data) wasn't secure.
Not sure what you mean there.

I don't recommend CCleaner anywhere near JDownloader. JD self cleans up after itself.
Then the tracking by Cloudfare cookies isn't an issue since JDownloader cleans itself up.

If that's the case, I don't know why you made that earlier security statement about it. The statement you made in post #31

tabs should auto close, program should clear memory when tabs close. if tabs are not auto closing then something is wrong.
I did make the about:config change in Firefox, but that was only since last week.

I'd have to disagree, not that complicated. Just you can't make a setting that suits everyone, so you have to think of the best setting to suit majority, and minority will need to adjust settings.
Whatever. I've been using programs since 1999 and I've seen some GUI designs in my lifetime. I respectfully won't comment any further about that.

(problem is a lot of people don't search before asking for help).
Or it's a new problem that hasn't occurred before.

lol bmw would be more reliable any any chevy I know. Then again maybe I can't relate as I'm Australian and not a yank.
There ya go... lol...

But I think you get my point...

re: forum filled with stuff like this: considering the volume of users we have, forum is full of 1%. Usually people who can't google successfully ;p As in most questions asked and answered previously.
Well then you wouldn't have a job, now would you. lol...

I've had many other issues whereby the simplest thing is to scroll down the forum and see if other posters have posted the same thing. If they haven't, that's when I usually ask. Not always, but some of the time. Or I'll type key words in your forum search. That can turn up some things as well.

Update should not break things, they should solve existing issues.
True, it should. But not always. I just put one in the other day about the right-mouse click disable option and it turned out it was another bug from a previous update. It happens. I understand that.

Just remember that older JDownloader is full of issues, just we couldn't provide core updates only plugin updates, so you don't see any change. You just had to deal with its bugs and their was thousands of them!
I understand, but I know I wasn't emailing as much about problems back then. Probably due, as you say, to it being mostly plug-in issues and not the rest of it which seems to have complicated things further.

Good conversation, respectfully thanks.
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