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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
the final / generated link to the data isn't sent via https....
You mean the final link (or final .rar) is open? It isn't secure?

Then why the need for SSL to begin with? That glaring hole seems to contradict it's purpose.

this is where you have once again miss understood. My recommendation was not to let cclean near jdownloader installation, its not required as we cleanup after ourself WHEN required. Storing clouldflare cookies wont be auto cleanedup as that's the whole point of that pending ticket. Currently its kept in memory when you restart all fresh session, soon as we save it be kept for ever! You also wont be able to purge as it will be kept in encrypted json file along with other plugin settings and if you deleted all the settings you would then have to reconfigure all your most used plugin settings...
Well that's still better than the current situation. If it allows me to continue to use a VPN without all this nonsense, then so much the better.

If it's encrypted in a .json file, then the only ones who would see it would be Nitroflare, right? They already track my usage as it is, so...

I know, but you keep stating that it causes memory usage and keeping tabs open, which is incorrect... Why did you bring it up if the issue has been resolved?
Because I've been using JDownloader for the last four years and that was never was an issue until now, that's why. A recent change that some other people out there might not be aware of.

I put up with the Firefox tabs opening for a little while but then got sick of it and mentioned it here.

I saw your point backwards, because my exposure to BMW over the years have given me the opinion that they are more reliable than any GM vehicle.
I don't think so, but I guess it's different from where you're at. But that get's into a whole other discussion that I don't want to go to here.

I really don't get the 'fine tuning' statement either. But anyway...
Meaning these issues come up all the time. I put more requests in for JDownloader than any other program I use. It seems to require a lot of maintenance, for lack of a better term. Maybe you don't think so, but from an end user's perspective it certainly does to me. But when it works, it works great. That's why I stick with it.

that issue has been present for 2 + years and wasn't a new update that introduced it, you just happen to find it recently. BTW there are posts about it on the forum.
It's a feature I use all the time so I would immediately notice it. It disappeared off my menu for a couple of days and now it's back. I assumed from some updates since then.

PS: I also put a ticket in with Nitroflare. I want to see what they have to say about it as well.

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