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Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
You mean the final link (or final .rar) is open? It isn't secure?

Then why the need for SSL to begin with? That glaring hole seems to contradict it's purpose.
final request is to the downloaded content (in your example .rar)
why because in countries with internet filtering SSL is only used to bypass filter, as its encrypted filter only works on non SSL. Finallink servers are not blocked by the internet filters just the base domain '' for instance.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
Well that's still better than the current situation. If it allows me to continue to use a VPN without all this nonsense, then so much the better.

If it's encrypted in a .json file, then the only ones who would see it would be Nitroflare, right? They already track my usage as it is, so...
I personally think its the VPN that's causing you all this gripe. If you stopped using it you probably never get cloudflare recaptcha event!

Nitroflare knows exactly what you requested and would have limited logs of that!

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
Because I've been using JDownloader for the last four years and that was never was an issue until now, that's why. A recent change that some other people out there might not be aware of.
browser loop/browser solver introduced April last year, we rarely get any tickets about this now. We did when it first came out, but you seem to be a little behind the times (Maybe due to disabling the features?).

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
I put up with the Firefox tabs opening for a little while but then got sick of it and mentioned it here.
only problem if you use shit browser like firefox ;p. Joking aside it was mentioned numerous times on our forum and support knowledge base article.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
I don't think so, but I guess it's different from where you're at. But that get's into a whole other discussion that I don't want to go to here.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
Meaning these issues come up all the time. I put more requests in for JDownloader than any other program I use. It seems to require a lot of maintenance, for lack of a better term. Maybe you don't think so, but from an end user's perspective it certainly does to me. But when it works, it works great. That's why I stick with it.
It's very hard to make a default setting that just works for everyone. Some will need to customise/change settings in order to suit there setup or desires. To put it into perspective, I've probably changed 20-25% of all advanced settings away from defaults.

Plugins break they need to be reported and issue fixed by programmer. With plugins, they are either based on website or API, both can break at any time due to changes on the providers side. This can seem like breaks in our program but in scheme of things it's not caused by JDownloader, just the end result is failure of some sort within our program.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
It's a feature I use all the time so I would immediately notice it. It disappeared off my menu for a couple of days and now it's back. I assumed from some updates since then.
It's quite common for people to blame updates, some times it can be regression (issue that's been fixed before, gets reintroduced due to another fix in another area). But in the scheme of things, bugs introduced by updates probably happen less than 0.1% of the time.

Originally Posted by GWT10 View Post
PS: I also put a ticket in with Nitroflare. I want to see what they have to say about it as well.
I'm of the belief that nitroflare won't give a flying razoo.

Thanks for your feedback
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