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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
final request is to the downloaded content (in your example .rar)
why because in countries with internet filtering SSL is only used to bypass filter, as its encrypted filter only works on non SSL. Finallink servers are not blocked by the internet filters just the base domain '' for instance.
I thought SSL was now used mostly by default due to all the filtering going on out there? Much the same way https: is as websites transition over to it.
I personally think its the VPN that's causing you all this gripe. If you stopped using it you probably never get cloudflare recaptcha event!
Oh I agree, but VPN is being used more and more for additional privacy. The trend is quite the opposite from what these users of Cloudfare think.
Nitroflare knows exactly what you requested and would have limited logs of that!
Well isn't that what I said? Or is there something additional I should know about that I left out?
only problem if you use shit browser like firefox ;p. Joking aside it was mentioned numerous times on our forum and support knowledge base article.
It's the only browser I use. With the possible exception of Opera, you're not going to get any privacy using Chrome or any of the other Chromium-based offshoots. I consider Chrome to be spyware, plain & simple.
I'm of the belief that nitroflare won't give a flying razoo.
Probably not, but at the very least, they're going to get another billionth complaint about it.
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