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Default Twitter Plugin occassionally entire media pages as offline?

So I'm lazy, and JDownloader has been instrumental in helping further my lazy hoarder ways, and with the assistance of a small EventScripter script that mgpai cobbled together for me I was able to convert Twitter posts into a url pointing directly to the account's media page, and the laziness became even more extreme as I no longer had to use notepad++ to mass convert links and then manually paste them into JDownloader, which was fantastic.

But recently, in either an update to JDownloader or to Twitter, or possibly even just the lack of updates for nearly a year to the iOS "MyJD Remote" App (which I know isn't made by y'all, just listing that as a potential reason as well), randomly these converted twitterCOM/<USERNAME>/media links show up as offline, despite being online. Not the individual files inside the /media pages, but the actual whole link itself to /media. This happens for both locked accounts and unlocked accounts.

I am unable to determine what causes it, as it appears to be sporadic and random. Sometimes the whole apparatus works, and sometimes I'm just inundated with offline links, and have to manually re-add them. I turned on debug logging yesterday morning, tested out adding a bunch of links, some of them went through, and about 5 got added to the offline folder, but can not figure out where in the logs to look for either where the handoff between the script went bad, or if the iOS app just pooped out and said list it as offline.

Any help would be appreciated.
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