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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@DeusExBestia: have you added your twitter account to JDownloader?
does this happen random or after specific amount of time? similiar to **External links are only visible to Support Staff**...

check again with next update, I've updated plugin to refresh the token. most likely the lifetime of the guest token has been lowered by twitter, causing all the issues
I do have my account set up. I’m not entirely sure when it happens, I tested it out to see if it was after a set amount of time or if it was just random by sending links through the iOS share button then browsing to the link collector page but it doesn’t show what’s in queue, just what it is currently crawling or has already crawled. It looks like after a few links it starts puttering out and labeling links as offline.

I will update the FreeBSD install and see if it happens.

As of 1022 pacific time not seeing an update available for the FreeBSD install. So testing will have to wait.

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