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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@DeusExBestia: those "Rate limit exceeded" links should remain in Linkgrabber section and you can retry(continue) them later via rightclick context menu
I will increase the request limits little more, maybe it helps
So, I have a packagizer set up to automatically organize sources into their own folders, because why not? The packagizer setup also has auto start enabled, so unfortunately instead of leaving the content rate limited links Iíve sent in the link grabber queue to restart later, it puts them in the downloader queue with an error saying the file is offline. Iím not near my desktop so I canít adjust the packagizer settings in the JDownloader client proper and export them for the headless unit.

Is there an error correction setting so it would start ones that are good to go and hold ones that are not? Like it automatically doesnít add links that were already downloaded before?
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