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@CharlieKelly: JDownloader itself doesn't require root but it's most easiest for *normal* users when they don't know about ownership/groups/permissions.
Especially on NAS devices it's more *complex* to use different users as you have to make sure that samba/networkshare configurations are still working so the
"JDownloader" user can read/write into downloadfolder AND the samba/network user can read/write them.

1.) you can modify start script to set a different umask for new created files/folders, so normal users can access/delete them, still they are user/group root
2.) you can use Eventscripter, see, and use a script that chmod the downloaded/extracted files to different user afterwards. In doubt or need help, contact mgpai and ask him for hints/help.
3.) you can modify the start script to run JDownloader as different user, but then also have to take care about all folders ownership/group/permissions and also make sure the user is allowed to read/write into download folder and that the samba/networkshare configuration still allows to access those files.

In case you need help/got questions, just let us know!
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