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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Any specific reason why you want this? You could create eventscripter that auto replaces _ with ' -'.
Oh yes, the reason is that I name all my music folders systematically with particular info and format. And that means, for me, separating components of folder name with a space delimited hyphen, sometimes also with tilda (for secondary titles in the name). I like to do this also for the downloaded archives, naming them to match the eventual folder name. All of this makes it easier to search for music, whether it is in folder or archive format. So it's very often an extra step to have to replace the underscore; many times it's the only change that's required.

However, I've never looked into the event scripter, so I will install that and try it out. That sounds it like it will be sufficient, as long as it can handle multi-character strings.
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