Thread: [Script request] Wind3 HUB - ZYXEL DX5401-B0
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Unhappy Wind3 HUB - ZYXEL DX5401-B0

Hello everyone, I have recently installed this modem / router together with the FTTH fiber of the WindTre operator:

Model Name: DX5401-B0
Manufacturer: ZYXEL Communications Corporation
Firmware version: V5.17 (ABXA.0) b3_20210104

1) I tried the reconnect wizard, but it didn't find any working scripts.
2) I tried to search for information on the forum, but I could not find anything.
3) I tried to create a new script, even in RAW mode, but it doesn't work:

I can reconnect easily from UI in the browser. My IP changes.
Every time I try to record a reconnection script it says it was successful, but the script does not work.

Is any good soul willing to help? Thank you

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