Thread: [User feedback required] Directory Opus rather than Windows Explorer
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Default Directory Opus rather than Windows Explorer


I have a huge amount of applications, the one and only which opens Windows Explorer rather than Directory Opus is JDownloader 2. When I right click on a downloaded video for example and choose "Open download directory".

I contacted Dopus coder about that and his answer was :

"If it works in some things but not others, it's probably because they're explicitly asking for File Explorer instead of the default file manager.

That usually happens if they open the folder using ShellExecute(Ex) and specify "open" as the verb instead of null. ("open" sends things to File Explorer; null triggers the default verb, which might be Opus or File Explorer, depending on settings.)"

Could you please someday check what could cause this. It's not a huge issue, but it's quiet annoying to sometimes see this old ugly Windows default browser interface

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