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I have been using a linkcrawler rule for several years for crawling/grabbing specific links on a separate old system and never use it for downloading, just crawling and grabbing every few scheduled hours daily.

I didn't remember or forgot having a second separate-rule for allowing drag/drop of text files as I just copied the function/pattern from one of my other instances of JD2 that I rarely used and that was still allowing the dragging of text files with links.

After I copied/added that second function beneath my first rule, the "logging" state set to "false" would not allow my first rule to grab the appropriate links from my "pattern" until I set it to "true" just like my first one was set to "true". It could have also worked as well if both were set to "false"...hence the "same" logging state, but I did not test it, however, both required to be set to "true" for it to grab the links as it would crawl but not grab them.

I basically now have one large rule with two functions where the first one is to allow crawling/grabbing of specific links and beneath it with the function/pattern to allow the drag/drop of text-files. I was never using both together as I used one separate old-system with my linkcrawler-rule to just crawl-grab links based on my rule-pattern and another instance of JD2 on a separate system to drag/drop text-files on a regular basis to do all the downloading, however, I was doing some testing because my first rule was having intermittent issues not grabbing 100% of the links due to the old cookies and I had to open the site in the browser so that JD2 would update them which fixed that problem.

I did some of this testing on two other instances of JD2 on two separate systems which included the one I used regularly for dragging the text files but stopped working after I completed the testing. I really don't require both on the same instance of JD2, however, as I could not find the reason as to why the drag/drop of text-files would not work unless there was a pattern-rule for it than I decided to combine both functions/patterns within the same rule to allow either/both to work in case I decide later on to use both features on the same instance of JD2 and to make it easier for testing purposes as well.

After several years, I had forgotten about a specific rule for allowing drag/drop of txt files and just assumed that JD2 allowed this by default and that perhaps this was just a simple setting that had nothing to do with a required linkcrawler rule.

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