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The Context Menus. Maybe I use jdownloader differently than most, but the previous version context menu was much more logically arranged.

For me at least, the most used options on the context menus are:
Check Online status.
Set priority.
Move into new package (by the way, this doesn't works at all).
Copy URLs (now you have to go through like 3 clicks to get to it).

Of all, Only Disable/Enable is at the firs level. All the rest you have to go to a sub menu. Meanwhile, delete, which is a dangerous operation, is on the firs context menu. I don't know if you already do, but maybe you can collect menus/submenus information and send weekly for analysis, and use that to define the most used ones.

I know there is now a very powerful menus/submenus editor, but I'm sure you know that defaults are what matters most.
Absolutely agree. Very used to JD1's context menu that had the most used features on the first level.

Customizing a menu item's name does not change how it appears in the interface... and it should.

E.g. I moved a few of the Speed Limit options to the bottom toolbar like JD1.

I then edited the cumbersomely named "Max. simultaneous Downloads" to say "Max. Dls." (again like JD1).

The result was that the name was changed in the menu customizer, but it still takes up a third of the bottom bar with the full original name.

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