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Hi JD Team,

When JD2 first came out I was all excited and tried it but I found it not as Intuitive as JD1 ... things just work in JD1 and I know how to get around.

With JD2, it seemed you guys followed Microsoft method of just Totally Re-Arranging everything so you have to learn from Scratch.

I am not sure if you have a Portable version of JD2 ... so, I can test it side by side with my JD1. That would be a Great Idea to have Portable version.

Also, is there a way to tell what is the LATEST version of JD2.


JD1 and JD2 can work side by side just fine. I still have both installed and I've had both running simultaneously at times.

I completely agree with your assessment. JD2 has made dogs bollocks of what JD1 did well.

Stick around, and post new threads for the issues you find. Hopefully the community can help them whip JD2 back into shape.
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