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The Browser Solver in which Browser loop belongs, is actually something I came up with. I've had this idea for some time (year or more) but showed Coalado and Jiaz my proof of concept just last month. Whilst not the best in terms of tabs opening it's benefit outweighs the downside in my opinion. It flips favour back into a level playing field by leverage users Browser!

With this implementation is the quick ease into supporting modern day captchas. Ease of implementation is a huge benefit for example I added support for AreYouAHuman, SweetCaptcha, ConfidentCaptcha all within ~1 day of work (lots of refactoring before I committed due to backend changes). Another large benefit is it gives you access too the captcha owners interface. Most of these interfaces allow refresh of image (which means plugin doesn't need to restart or have input retry code) and also audio selection which is great for those visually impaired. Biggest benefit is support with this implementation is it uses users cookie sessions which are required to gain that better reputation, this is important with recaptchav1 and recaptchav2 as its heavily biased via Javascript trickery. We now can easily add flash captchas (though less popular) instead of having to emulate support after we figure out how the service works, like we had todo with KeyCaptcha.

I'd like to thank Coalado for developing this in the last week or so. He has worked and reworked the backend implementation, as my proof of concept was basic and needed to be adapted to work in with JDownloader 2 existing captcha framework.

Coming back to your questions

we have kinda looked into
- phantomjs, yes though for other reasons, we have issue ticket open
- _**External links are only visible to Support Staff** and some others approaches

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