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I can confirm/add the issues related here.
Using windows xp sp3, eset smart security 4.0.314.0, java 1.6.0_15 and jdownloader 0.8.324. Im suffering about 500+ Mb RAM used by the program, increasing from about the 20 or 30 initial MB usage. Downloading about 160 links (Megaupload, Rapidshare, Netload, Hotfile). Ive tried to disable Eset Smart Security to "scan" http javaw.exe, java.exe and also jdownloader.exe, wich produces a tiny reduced memory usage. But the most noticeable thing i can say is that seems putting jdownloader in full screen cause the most memory eat. When minimizing to tray icon, the memory usage reduces huge dramatically (from 500+ to 70 mb or even less sometimes). Restauring the window but not full screen also does not consuming/increasing memory usage in the way when its full screen. Using synthetica sky metallic, not tested yet with another skin.

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