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Originally Posted by NotesTracker View Post
I also have had account issues with NitroFlare during the last few days, with "Cannot check account" in the Status column and "Temp. disabled" in the Download Traffic Left column.

So (following raztoki's tip) I removed the NitroFlare account and tried several times to re-create it, but kept getting the dialog box message "Result of the Account Verification: Cannot check Account"

The account is active as NitroFlare Premium status, and I was able to directly download a file in Firefox, at high speed (around 30-40 Mbps), which verifies that it truly is in Premium status.
user did not comply with advice in the below quote...
browser solver disabled... browser didn't even work for open link/url (so I had to set chrome as browser solver). o_O
neither looked at enabling api mode, either *slaps notestracker*

Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
anyone having issues

please delete the account and add it again,
if you can not get recaptcha v2 to display make sure settings > captcha > browser solver IS ENABLED, its required for RecaptchaV2, for more information read

If you can not get recaptchav2/browser solver to work, you can set API mode enabled again in plugin settings > plugins > nitroflare

Just note with API mode you will get recaptchav1 quite often due to nitroflare API always been under attack (they use to 'protect there API). If your IP address changes you will get prompted with more captchas. Whereas with WEB mode this isn't the case, one recaptchav2 and then login session is cached and reused! Even if you IP changes you shouldn't get another recaptchav2. This is why WEB mode is now preferred login method vs API!

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