Thread: [User feedback required] Problems with and JDownloader
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I'm not sure what you did (was outside with the pooch for 10 minutes), but whatever you did NitroFlare is operating again, many thanks!

Why do you need to have "browser solver" (whatever that is) enabled? I don't recall needing to do anything about this when first started using NitroFlare, did something change recently?

I was a naughty boy, and maybe deserve to have been slapped! However I (and probably many other JD users) are foussed on other things, and don't necessarily understand all the intricacies of either JD or what te NitroFlares of this world impose on us (lame excuse).

As for "crt monitor on crypted drive" only have LCD monitors, four of them, and unsure what "crypted drive" signifies. And "default browser is messed up" ??? since I had Firefox as default plus Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, and several others. I do software dev and change things around during testing, unsure why that should affect JD and NitroFlare (but then I don't know the innards of JD).

Anyway, again many thanks!

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