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we didn't go out of our way to break it, Google changed default setting to no longer allow 'localhost' access. This means my original 'proof of concept'/jd backend implementation (coalado did most of it) that supports ReCaptchav2, can no longer work.
Moving forward the only working solutions are:
- Firefox or Chrome (or clones that support the same extensions) along with the My.JDownloader browser extension
- Android App.
- iOS App, requires the paid version.

If you're using JD on localised system you do not need to setup My.JDownloader account (as mentioned in posts above), just the My.JDownloader browser extension
else if you're using JD on a remote system you will need setup My.JDownloader with an account.

Once again this is NOT our doing, just the framework/constraints that we have to work with.

If you rather NOT to install the browser extension or Andriod app that is fine, just you wont be able to download or process decrypter tasks from any site that utilises RecaptchaV2.

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Don't fight the system, use it to your advantage. :]

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