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That explains the sudden change in behaviour with a Free EB account.
Accounts get refreshed periodically, that's true, but somehow without enabling/reenabling it manually an endless "wait period" is triggered.
My scenario is that I have some free accounts but none is in use at the moment except that the EB one.
Here's how I do it manually, once the traffic limit has been reached:
1) Stop all downloads (this prevents JD from skipping the files that require an account)
2) Manually trigger a reconnection which occours without issues
3) Wait 10 seconds at least and uncheck EB account form the lower left corner of JD window
4) Wait another 10 seconds and re-enable EB account form the lower left corner of JD window
5) EB Free account gets recognized and the 2 GB traffic limit is enforced
6) Start downloads at 100 KB/s limit
7) Wait for the traffic to be drained and begin again from 1)
Hope this helps!
@Jiaz, tank you for the work you and all the team do!
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