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Originally Posted by mrc View Post
Sorry for all the confusion. Incognito / private tabs are created by default if the extension is allowed to run in in incognito / private mode. You can change this in the extension settings. There's now a settings button in the extension popup, even if you're logged out.

The issue that affected you had to do with timing. Web Extensions do not execute their scripts in a deterministic order. I had to install / deinstall / try / retry a few times to find out that in some cases the content script was executed too early.

With version 3.2.38 you should now be able to solve captchas, skip captchas and force incognito mode

Let me know if there are still issues.
Thanks for your work. I just installed version 3.2.38. Now everytime the program asks for a captcha solving, a new tab opens and indicates that the extension is needed and offer links to download it for different browsers ("Install our extension for your browser" message is showed). Obviosly the extension is installed but is not recognized. When i click the link offered the version 3.2.34 is installed and works fine. Is there a way to avoid autoupdate until the issue is solved?

Note: I have the same issue in my work computer. In home i have windows 10 pro 1903, in work i have windows 10 home 1903 both updated and both with updated versions of firefox. Both present the same issue described in this message.

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