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I noticed this to yesterday, however I don't think this is caused by jdownloader. I was downloading a file at around 1 MB/s in free mode yesterday, as I have been for several months. Than I reconnected to get another file, and all of a sudden 50 KB/s. I am fairly certain there was no update of jdownloader in that minute or so I wasn't downloading anything. FB probably changed something on their end, or patched an exploit. I noticed they use captcha with images (V2?) when using a browser, while jdownloader uses older captchas with text.
However, this might have been the case for a while now. Have only downloaded using jdownloader for several months now.

But now I'm trying to figure out how to use a custom referrer in the plug-in settings for fileboom. Can't get it to work, or figure out the correct syntax. I thought I could just copy the URL with the "referer=" that I can find in the developer console tools -> network in Firefox.

However if the developers of jdownloader could adjust the plugin to get good speeds again, that would be awesome.

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