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I've got the same errors as the Users above but before the lastest errors it kinda worked because i could download Videos on YouTube except for the ones with Sign in to view this Video ( I am always signed in in YT ). In the last 2 Days i can't download anything from YT anymore doesn't matter which Video and i get that Error with 2000+ characters. I tried to add my Gmail Account to JD2 but i always get an Premium Account message which i don't have nor had in the past and after that an unknown Error according to JD2 with an 1 hour temporary deactivation which after the 1 hour downtime becomes an invalid login data Error.

The Problems with JD2 started after i deinstalled it in Mid June 2018 because of some errors but at that time because i had it for quite some time i had my YT account added in JD2 and i could ignore the sign in to view for R-18 Video Error with a simple click on the YT Icon on the left lower corner and with that i could download everything.After i reinstalled JD2 i couldn't add my Gmail account to JD2 anymore and with that i couldn't download any sign in to view Videos from YouTube anymore.

Thank you for your time ( english is not my native language )

Edit: Sign in to confirm your age ( i'm always online for YouTube but some Videos just show me this error )

Edit 2: JD2 itself works again except the errors above and the inability to add ones YT account into JD2

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