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Default Logging in to E-hentai through account manager triggers bans from site.

As the title says. For some reason whenever I activate my E-hentai account through the account manager feature it results in their system handing out an IP ban and disallowing me from being able to grab/download anything. This behavior disappears as soon as I disable that account on the account manager (and after I get a fresh IP to circumvent the ban of course) and I'm back to being able to grab and download galleries.

At the moment, there's two ways I know of that are able to reproduce this behavior:
1. Log onto your account via the account manager and try to fetch a link with linkgrabber (I.e **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**) . The action will result in an instant IP ban (Link will have the plugin defect tag on JDownloader and if you try to open the link on any browser, only a blank page will be shown)
2. Log onto your account via the account manager, wait some 2-5 minutes, IP will eventually be banned without even taking any actions.

My guess is that they changed something on their back end and the method that the account manager uses to check the account's status is somehow triggering something on their system which in turn triggers an IP ban.

Also, just to clarify, the IP bans are temporary (though they're still incremental, ie 1st ban 1 hour, 2nd 24h, 3rd 1 week, etc) and it's only the IPs that are banned, not the accounts.