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Well I just opened up exhentai on my end and I was able to see the page, so it's definitely not the account. Mind you, they have this weird little thing going on with their cookies where you have to clean them before being able to access the site (just the exhentai cookies though) and you can test if that's the case by opening any e-hentai URL, and if it loads, then it's the cookies for exhentai need to be deleted.

If that's isn't the case however and you're still getting blank pages then it might just be that the IP you're trying to log in through is banned, which would be the most likely case if you guys are working on static IPs. I've more or less ended up tracing back the issue to JD's account manager by using a VPN and multiple proxies.

Again, this issue probably has something to do with a back-end change they've done a couple of weeks ago most likely, which ends up associating the JD account manager's queries as a botting script or something. Just my thoughts.