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Default working so far

I read this thread with delight and dread: delight that the problem was widespread and we have a good handle of where the problem is; dread that it's a waiting game, and Apple (oder Apfel) likes to wait and verify any fixes internally after a fix already exists in the wild.

Anyway, I DL'd the NIGHLTY update, and it came right up and started working. So, here's what I did.:

1. Open Terminal
2. Copy and paste the first command (cd.......) and hit enter
3. Copy and paste the second command (sudo......) and hit enter
4. Lion gives you a warning about sudo, and you say "get on with it"
5. enter your password.

then jdupdate starts spewing stuff in Terminal and opens a big window full of updates and bargraphs. Everything finished okay after 15min or so, and JD relaunches itself.

What I did NOT do: delete any config files.
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