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Before I did a Java software update back at the end of July, 2011, I read from some jDownloader forum that updating Java on my Macbook Pro would cause me problems with jDownloader, so I delayed doing any Java updating, I could not think of not having jDownloader's help. Then in the middle of February, 2012, I was affected/infected with Flashback G (Intego's naming) which began renaming my Finder windows (LB1 for Label, N21 for Open With) and who knows what else, although I have found all the hidden files and deleted them. Then I found out if I had gone to Safari 'Preference Pane' then 'Security' and unchecked 'Enable Java' that I would not have been susceptible to this malware/trojan, even though I was using an outdated version of Java, which left me open to attack. So I unchecked 'enable Java' and have continued waiting, while using jDownloader, for Java to be updated to a version that jDownloader was okay with or compatible. I have a 2 year old Macbook Pro, running Snow Leopard 10.6.8, running Java SE 6, version 1.6.0_24 (Apple has updated Java several times beginning in July 2011 with Java for Mac OSX 10.6 Update 5 (Java SE 6 v. 1.6.0_2?), then Update 6 (Java SE 6 v. 1.6.0_29) and FINALLY Update 7-for Snow Leopard (Java SE 6, version 1.6.0_31). A similar Update is available for Lion users.

In the mean time I have begun using the free versions of Little Snitch which helps control what comes in/out from my MBPro, as well as the demo version of VirusBarrier X6, which verified I have removed Flashback. (Does not tell me which apps have corrupted code from Flashback, though, if any).

Post #96, by Statter, notes some of these findings. I have not updated Java, yet. Has anyone beside Statter found the most recent Java Update 7 to also be compatible with jDownloader? I have not wanted to update Java and try what post #44 suggested, which was deleting the config file, since jDownloader works nicely on old Java version 1.6.0_24.

I still am having problems with Safari opening Yahoo windows properly, will not open fully so comments are available. I am also having problems with ads downloading 'unknown' files of 3-4 KB automatically into my Safari download folder, and Evernote is Clipping my links instead of opening them in Safari. I do not know if the Flashback malware added some corrupting info to these apps or if they are separate problems. Since we are dealing with this issue in jDownloader because of Java, and because each person here is susceptible if they had old versions of Java during September 2011 when Flashback arrived, I thought I would mention some of these other problems, in case you, too, are dealing with them.

Anyway, my main concern is this: Has the Update 7 for Macbook Pro for Snow Leopard corrected Java so that jDownloader is now compatible with Java 6 SE version 1.6.0_31?


Oh, and a shout out to remi and Jiaz! Thank you for you both! The input you guys give us ALL is invaluable! You guys keep our jDownloader working properly and you help answer our many, many questions! Thank you!
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