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Look in your JDownloader directory (I am a Windows user and I am not sure where that is on macos). Check for a subdirectory called "backup". There should be a file in that directory. If you are in JDownloader, copy that file, use the JDownloader/Save/Link list command (to save any new links) and exit JDownloader. Extract the files from the old to the config subdirectory.

When you start JDownloader, the old links should show up (unless they were overwritten by a session in between). If you had new links, use LinkGrabber/Add Container to read the Link list you saved.
The good news is that the files you downloaded should not have been deleted.
The bad news is that the database backup could have been overwritten by the empty list.

JDownloader was probably forced to quit while it was trying to save the database. It does that every few minutes, but if there was a problem, it could have gotten stuck.

You can manually save the database with JDownloader/Save/Backup. I do it frequently (about once per day), because I have a long list.
Do you have a software firewall or antivirus running? If so, please write back with your OS version and all software you were running with JDownloader (including the antivirus and/or firewall). Security software inserts part of itself into the operating system and can cause significant problems, especially with JDownloader. Over 95% of problems where JDownloader stops responding have been traced to security software.

I am just a member like you. I have a problem in Windows with JDownloader slowing and becoming unresponsive, so I know the frustration. I will be reinstalling Windows soon (something that has to be done every year or two under Windows). I hope that fixes my problem.
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