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Thanks for the log. Sorry, we were talking about different topics I just tried to fix the issue that too long(still working) flienames might cause issues with ffmpeg (because of length, special chars...) and that should be fixed with latest update. You are talking about handling of too long/unsupported filenames

About Auto-Trim, I prefer plugins to have correct/good filename set instead of auto trim/modify filename.
Auto trim/modify can easily result in *broken* name so extraction will also fail. It's not just about filename, package
name can also be too long and I think best would be to have different error message to inform about *too long* name
instead of invalid directory.
I think plugins should take care of this and make sure to avoid filenames that end up in this error but on manually
rename it should not auto correct it. Linux just fails but doesn't auto trim it, for example
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