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hey guys
i read all the last uploaded to problems and tried everything.
i have a premium account and it says premium account although sometimes that disapears.
i'v uninstalled JD and installed and updated.
max con and dls are 1.
at best it starts download after it asks for the captcha.. but vey very slow like i have no premium account.
the ddl on ul website is checked.
two days ago it was working perfectly downloading at max speed and many downloads.
reseting a file and then trying again doesnt help.
pls help!!:outch:

also if i wait few minutes and try again it starts like on premium 1.5 mps.. then goes down slowly and then disconnects and says wait five minutes.. after that the captcha comes up..
it says account is ok and when i refresh it goes premium account.. but stays on asking for captcha.

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