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Default About LinkGrabber


First thanks for your wonderful program.

Now something they never work with this program: Be able to cancel the LinkGrabber.

Often I go on website and want to copy all text there.
So I select all and copy and put in Notepad text.

I do that for reference and want to be able to select text later (many years if later need)
But doing that all download link (rapidhare, upload, etc.,) go in the LinkGrabber and all have Captchas and so JD begin to ask for all link to write the Captchas.

And since it's not possible to cancel LinkGrabber I find it's a important bug.

What I would like:

1- For reference to be able to copy all text inside a webpage and paste in text file (I can do that but LinkGrabber will ask for Capchas and I need to cancel that fast).
2- To be able to Cancel LinkGrabber fast. For now Abort LinkGrabber don't work. It continue to search to all what we copy (CTRL+C).
3- Use copy again but this time select just download link I want.
4- JD take these link and I press "Start All Downloads"
5- Do that for other website pages (normally I download many pages in a row)

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