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once again total nonsense from FileFactory support.

It's quite simple, the biggest security risk on any subscriber base is them! For instance a user who gets infected by something nasty (or uses public proxies) and it keystrokes or data mines. Quite common to find public user:password lists published online, these are typically stolen from said miners in either cookie format or user:password. You can also find database for 'JDownloader', which we do not support, nor publish. We do not support users who use these lists (you can tell). In respects to the plugin for FileFactory, it's totally open source (check for yourself). A large component (API) is written by myself, with working relationship with FileFactory backend developer (FileFactory employee). In the bigger picture, if we did anything 'improper' in respects to stealing peoples accounts, we would be out of 'business' and loose the trust of our users. This has NEVER happened. Might I had they never provided any proof with that post other than slander.

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