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Default Syntax to download sequential numerical URLs ? (001, 002, etc)


i try to download pics from a website where there is a set of related with URLs like:

randomsite dot net/2015/11/GoodPics-1.jpg


randomsite dot net/2015/11/GoodPics-45.jpg

apparently there is a formula in the program called Curl to do this with one download URL formula but its not very convenient as its command line. Is there a method to do this in JDownloader?

apparently the formula in Curl is something like:

randomsite dot net/2015/11/GoodPics-[01-45].jpg

i tried this in JDownloader to no avail. Also the website wont let me crawl a shorter URL like "randomsite dot net/2015/", i get access denied and crawling the entire website is way too much
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