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hmm had not noticed this topic before so a little late it looks like ... nothing new there.

Anyway I never really use or like any Operating systems built in Firewall as their usually light or missing something I need or just leave a lot to be desired.

I still use Netbarrier X5 (now dead by that name/version but, now integrated with Internet Security Barrier X6). There is also Doorstop Security suite, NoobProof (better configuration for Mac OS X and uses the built-in IPFW firewall which is good but usually needs manual configuration via terminal without a good front end), and the Protemac suite as mentioned previously.

One has to remember most all firewalls will only really monitor incoming connections and wont monitor outgoing connections properly. So I also use Little Snitch which monitors not only the apps authorized to use the internet through the firewall but also other processes and system calls or anything else wanting to send out that may not be caught by a firewall or even AV software.

Just some more thoughts for any that may need it.
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